Day in the Life of a Graduate Intern

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If you're in high school or sixth form at the moment then thinking about what you might want to do after University is probably not something you're focusing on too much! That's totally fine, as it is a long way away. However, some jobs require specific degrees, so if you have a specific career in mind then it might be good to start having a look into them now before you apply to university. Alternatively, many jobs (like mine!) don't require a degree in a specific subject, simply a degree in any subject. In this case you might want to think about what subjects you enjoy studying and whether you might like to study this at degree level, rather than having to study a specific degree for a particular job. Either way, I thought it might be fun to talk through a day in my life as a Graduate Intern at the University of Manchester to give you an idea of what a graduate job might look like. Please note though that every job is different and some graduate roles may have very different structures!