Frequently asked questions

Disabilities aren’t taken into account when assessing eligibility for most of our access schemes, although one of the Manchester Access Programme 2022 priority criteria was ‘ have a disability and receive, or are entitled to, a personal independence payment or Disability Living Allowance’ (this is subject to change for MAP 2023).

The University of Manchester does however offer dedicated support for its students, see further details here:

Young carer status isn’t taken into account for most of our access schemes’ eligibility, although being a young carer was one of the priority criteria for the Manchester Access Programme 2022 (this is subject to change for MAP 2023).

Please see the link here for information relating to carer support:

If a student has benefitted from attending a private or independent school then they would not be eligible for any of our access schemes.

The one grade lower offer description refers to one grade across all subjects. How a grade lower offer is applied would be at the discretion of the academic school but could for example be lowered from AAB to ABB for A-level grades or DDD to DDM for Extended Diplomas.

You could include all the transferable skills you have gained from your access scheme. We suggest that you link the skills on your personal statement back to the course you are applying for, see guide on personal statements here: