How it Works

At Manchester we want to recruit students who have the potential to be successful here regardless of educational or social background. Our Access Manchester schemes allow us to target and support talented students from backgrounds currently under represented in higher education.

What’s in it for you?

Benefits of participating in an Access Manchester scheme may include:

  • A reduced offer in the A-level grades required to study at The University of Manchester.
  • Receiving advice and guidance in applying to the University.
  • Completing a piece of university style academic work.
  • Become familiar with university life and study.

Each Access Manchester scheme is slightly different and has different targeting criteria. Some schemes are just for local students, some last nearly a year; some last a couple of months and others are for those interested in specific subject areas.

You can either look through each scheme to see which one would suit you, or find out which schemes you might be eligible for by taking our eligibility survey.

In the webinar recording below, recent graduate and Access Manchester intern Santiago explains a bit more about what Access Manchester is, how it works, and the type of opportunities that are on offer.

Please note that the information included is correct as of November 2022 but is susceptible to change.

Unfortunately you would not be eligible for any Access Manchester scheme if you are:

  • An international student.
  • Attending or have attended an independent school.
  • Currently in Year 7-11 (our schemes are aimed at Year 12 and above).

If you fall into any of these categories there may be other opportunities available to you:

My Learning Essentials online resources are available for you to use to get an insight into what skills you may need or develop to succeed at university.

NB If you are an adult learner returning to education and are looking for an Access to HE qualification, The University of Manchester does not offer this course. Please refer to the Access to HE website to find a provider.