(Mini) Scheme of the Semester: Unibuddy

(Mini Scheme of the Semester): Unibuddy 


It’s the start of a new semester so that means it’s time for another Scheme of the Semester! However, this time I thought I’d mix it up a bit and do a mini post about the Unibuddy platform. Not so much a scheme, but a great way to find out more about all things university!  


What is Unibuddy? 

Unibuddy is a chat platform where you can talk to current students at multiple universities- including the University of Manchester! You can find students studying the course you want to study or chat to students with similar extra-curricular interests, or both! Since March 2019, over 160,000 questions have been answered by students on the Unibuddy platform so you can be sure that no question is too silly or too big. You can use Unibuddy on a web browser or download the app onto your phone- so it’s very simple to use!


How Can Unibuddy Help You? 

Unibuddy is a great way to ask questions about your course that you may not want to ask, or forgot to ask during an open day, and will allow you to get responses from students on your actual course (or a very similar course). It is also a great chance to ask any questions you may have about other aspects of student life, such as student accommodation, the nightlife in Manchester and societies within the university.  


You could also find a student who is from a similar area to you, for example, a student from the Greater Manchester area who is now studying at the University of Manchester. You could ask them about the transition into university from living at home or perhaps about commuting from home, if that is something you are considering. How about asking the Unibuddy students if they took part in any of the Access Manchester schemes such as MAP or MDAS? Some students may have written about this in their ‘About Me’ sections, so be sure to have a look at those! 


How to Use Unibuddy 

To chat with our students on Unibuddy you can visit: https://www.manchester.ac.uk/study/chat-with-our-students/, and search for students on your course or have a look at the different profiles to find students with similar interests to you! I would also really recommend taking a look at the Unibuddy blog, where the student ambassador’s post about all things related the studying at university- from study tips to living in Manchester.