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Is the thought of paying to go to university starting to stress you out? We understand that for many, three or more years of study can be a daunting financial prospect. However, you could be eligible for bursaries and/or scholarships from The University of Manchester! In 2018-2019 25% of undergraduate home students were eligible for at least £2000 of support through our Manchester Bursary.

Students can get bursaries and scholarships for a variety of reasons. The list below contains only a snapshot! We consider;

We know that Student Finance can be a confusing world and there are a great deal of myths about how it works and how anyone can possibly afford to go to university. When thinking about university and money just make sure you remember:

  • Your tuition fees are fully covered by a loan from the UK Government.
  • The tuition fees and maintenance loan DO NOT have to be repaid until you earn OVER £27,295 a year.
  • Say you land a good graduate job and your annual income is £28,000 – you will only pay back around £5 a month! Think of it more as a very affordable “graduate tax” than a loan.
  • Once you start repaying your loan the countdown for 30 years starts! After that whatever loan you have left to pay back will be completely wiped.

Visit the UK Government’s website for more information about the finance available for new full time students and when you start repaying.

Please note that the above was true of 20th July 2022 and may be subject to change.

Disabled students make up 19% of our student population so we have worked to provide an accessible and inclusive service for students, staff and supporters. We want all students to succeed – in studies, work and the rest of your University experience!

If you’re applying to The University of Manchester and want to start getting things in place to make your transition to higher education as smooth as possible you can get in touch with DASS and begin working out your University support plan. This can include (but not exclusively); any exam support you may need, any support that you require from your Academic School and library support.

Visit the website to find out more about whether you would be eligible, what support is offered and how to apply.

Learn more about DASS.

Work Experience Bursary

The Careers Service can help with the costs of undertaking careers related work experience.

Find out more about the Work Experience Bursary.


Pre-final year undergraduates may have the opportunity to undertake an internship.

See if The Student Experience Internship scheme could be for you.

My Learning Essentials

Complete online workshops and receive guidance on all the skills you will need during your undergraduate studies

Kick start your learning.


Manchester Gold mentoring helps students access the advice and support of someone who has experience and insights that could directly benefit you.

Find a potential mentor.

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) establishes a supportive environment, enabling deeper conceptual understanding of fundamental academic principles and increasing individual confidence rather than superficial strategic learning to pass exams.

Could you benefit from learning from other students?

The University of Manchester has put many things in place for students to encourage both mental and physical wellbeing.